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Thought: There will not be rainbows in a life that is devoid of clouds: Dicemberly

Have we not come across difficulties and problems in our lives? During those difficult times what is our attitude to life like? Do your thoughts go like this: Why do i have to face all these problems of all the people in the world? How will i ever be able to come out of it now? If this is the way you think when things get complicated in life, you have surrendered to fate.

Jobin S Kottaram & Sebin S Kottaram

If you look at people who have all the comfort and happiness in life, all that you will see in your life, all that you will see in your life will be shortcomings. But if you look at someone who does not even have as you do, only then will you realise how bountifully God has showered his blessings on you. For Australia born Nicholas Vujicic, it is not his riches or status that inspires people all around the world, but how he converted his failings into his worthiness.

Nick, or Nicholas Vujicic was born in 1982. As every new parent wait with bated breath for the moment when they first lay their eyes on their little one, Nick’s parents too waited anxiously for a sight of their first born. But it was an unexpected misfortune that 4th December 1982 had in store for them. Their son was born without hands and limbs. For his father, Boris Vujicic, a pastor and Dushka Vujicic, his mother, a nurse by profession, those were days of great apprehension and suffering.

how could their baby grow up without hands and limbs? Unable to walk or hold something with his hands, he would have to live a life of total dependency on another person all his life. This was the thought was burning inside them and making them miserable. The question of who would look after him after their death made them almost lose their minds.

In spite of all these misgivings they were not ready to give their son away to fate. They were firm believers of God and they strongly believed that God can do wonders in the life of even a kid without hands and limbs.

After a few years, it was time for Nick o start schooling. Many of their acquaintances advised them to put him in a school for mentally challenged kids. But they calmly told these people that their son did not have any mental disability for him to be admitted in a school for mentally challenged kids. They decided to send the boy to a normal school.

But even this decision came with a set of problems for them. School authorities refused to admit the child to a normal school.

It took a lot of convincing on the parents side and numerous tests of abilities later, Nick was allowed to study in a normal school.

But life was not easy for Nick at school. He was at the receiving end of a lot of bullying and insults due to his disability. While the other kids played and ran about and though his heart desired to be part of them, all he could do was, to be a silent spectator to the games and fun. His inability to walk or write like normal children made him supremely self conscious and under confident.

Depression and loneliness became his constant companions.

Idle, brooding minds leads us often into wrong decisions and feelings. Nick was not an exception. His brooding made him anxious and uncertain about his life and his future.

He started worrying about his being a burden to his parents and what his life would be like after the death of his parents. Such constant thoughts made him contemplate suicide.

But God was with him even in his most difficult thoughts and showed him the way. He was transforming into someone who has been hand picked to lead a whole generation of people to hope and reassurance. Nick began to think of showing the world that he can do everything that a normal person can do.

In the meantime, he graduated from the Griffith University in Australia. Banishing all negative thoughts from his mind and channeling this energy into more positive and creative things, he started working hard to realise his dream of living a normal life.

Slowly and with a lot of hard work and patience, Nick began to learn to do things one by one without help. Swimming, getting dressed, switching on and operating the television, cooking and using the mobile.Slowly, he trained himself to do all these on his own. An his specially designed wheelchair helped him move around his house.

A life that would have been lost in self pity and depression, slowly transformed itself into the most inspiring to everyone know knew him.

Thus from age nineteen, Nick has been giving a new lease of life, a life of hope and inspiration to thousands of people as motivational speaker. His life being the undeniable proof of everything he says.

Nick, now 28 years old, is today a positive influence in the lives of millions of people. He has traveled to about 25 countries around the world and has given motivational speeches in all these countries. His travails around the world have given Nick more experience and newer viewpoints. These rare insights into life later became the spur to start an organisation called Life Without Limbs. Nick is also the president of this organisation, set up with the aim of reaching out and helping the most deserving people.

Though he was born in Australia, he now lives in California in the United States. This change in his life was also a coincidence.

He moved to the United States at a time when his presence was most required there. He has worked as God’s instrument in the motivational realm inspiring and deeply touching the minds of millions of people the world over.

Nick testifies that it is his undying faith in God that has helped him overcome the most painful and depressing periods of his life and win over all his problems.

God used him as his instrument to spread light and hope in the minds of people lost to dejection, said Nick. Words of someone who has shown us with his life that failures can be turned into triumphs.

It is through our positive attitude and strong belief in God that we are able to come of difficult situation and grave problems in our lives. There are times when we totally lose hope; times when we feel that all is lost and nothing that can help us regain our lives. Even in those situation, our faith in God gives us the hope that we will find a wayout of it. Or we will understand later in life that God does not introduce problems and failures in our lives as a means of punishment.

Had Nick blamed his life for his sorrow, and led a passive, indifferent life, he could not have become the internationally popular inspirational and spiritual speaker that he is today. Nor could he have influenced the lives of thousands of people and led them to a life of hope and happiness.

Have we not come across difficulties and problems in our lives? During those difficult times what is our attitude to life like? Do your thoughts go like this: why do I have to face all these problems of all the people in life, you have already surrendered to fate. If you want to over come fate you should fight against it. We should learn not only to hopeful and let ourselves be dejected about minor losses, but also to chase our dream without stopping to grieve about the losses single-mindedly. You will then understand that the minor issues are just little tests that make us stronger and more enduring so that we achieve what we set out to achieve. Let us remember that we have just one life to live. Therefore let’s not waste our lives thinking of our losses and failures and work hard and be hopeful always. That’s when you gain control over your life. You will witness great changes in your life. Failures give way to success; losses give way to gains and shortcoming to blessings. Think, and believe wholeheartedly- and you are sure to achieve your goal. If you believe in God, and are under his care, of God, won’t he, the creator of earth and the one who controls all of the earth and its beings, intervene for you? Surely he will.

You can simply blow out a small burning candle.

But what will a strong mind to do a forest fire? It will only make the fire burn brighter and better than ever. Similarly, if out faith in God almighty is like a burning candle, a small wind will blow it out. But if your faith is like a forest fire, strong and unafraid, whatever problems and difficulties you face in life; it will only increase your faith in God and his ways. Therefore, work with faith towards your goal; expel desolation from your life, think of improving your talent instead of thinking of your shortcomings, and always think of what you can do instead of what you can’t. Success will come knocking at your doors. May you always taste success in your endeavours.

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April 7, 2020

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