Victory that defeated downfall

Sebin S Kottaram/ Jobin S Kottaram

The famous warrior Julius Caeser and his team of soldiers came to England to fight the English army. It was when they almost reached the English shores that Caeser got the message that an English army of three times the strength of Caesar’s army was ready and waiting on the shore to take them on. If this was what they had on the shore, what would be in store for them inside the fortress?

When Julius Caeser saw the dwindling self confidence of his soldiers, he screamed at them. “Let us set our ships on fire. We have just two ways in front of us. Either die losing the battle to the English Army or defeat the English soldiers and go back home on their ships.”

These words greatly inspired Caesar’s soldiers. Even though they were a smaller group they defeated and destroyed the big English army. The victory of Caesar and his soldiers’ shows that strong determination and will can even make what we think is impossible, possible.

A similar incident occurred during the World War II. While Hitler’s Nazi army had defeated all of Europe and was proceeding towards Russia, what did the then administrator of Russia, Joseph Stalin do?

Stalin sent all the Russian troops to face the Nazi army and bombed all the bridges in Russia. It was now a life or death situation for the Russian soldiers. If they lose the battle they would have to commit suicide by flinging themselves into the river. And the other way was to march forward. The threat on their lives gave a big boost to their determination to win and the Nazi’s had no way but to taste defeat in their hands. Had Stalin not done that, the whole world would have come under the rule of the racists, changing even the course of history.

Both the above incidents shed light upon the importance of determination in victory.

Take the life of any man who has climbed the steps to success one by one, scripting the history of progress in each of life’s chapters, and you will find that determination was one of their main qualities.

Determination is what keeps us going even when the going gets tough and life is full of problems and challenges and helps us reach our goal. Have trust in yourself and believe with all your might that you will reach your goal come what may. This trust is the essence of your determination.

Determination is what brings remarkable victories to your life.

Determination is what help you improve you standards of living and your lifestyle.

When we are faced with obstacles in life, determination is what propels you to work towards success.


You do not fail when you fall. You fail when you refuse to get up from the fall. Therefore, anytime you fall make sure that you get up more energised than ever. Let that be your attitude towards life. 

May 11, 2018

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