Warren Hastings (1772-1785)

  • Became governor of Bengal in 1772 and Governor-General in 1773 through the Regulating Act
  • Abolished Dual system of administration.
  • Wrote introduction to the first English translation of the Gita by Charles Wilkins
  • Founded the Asiatic Society of Bengal with William Jones in 1784.

Revenue reforms

  • Auctioned the right to collect land revenue to the highest bidder
  • Divided Bengal into districts and appointed collectors and other revenue officials.

Judicial reforms

  • Started Diwani and faujdari adalats at the district level and Sadar diwani and Nizmat adalats (appellate courts) at Calcutta.
  • Redefined Hindu and Muslim laws. A translation of the code in Sanskrit appeared in 1776 under the title of ‘Code of Gentoo laws’


  • Rohilla war: 1774
  • 1st Anglo Maratha War (1776-82)
  • 2nd Anglo Mysore War (1780-84)
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