Vedic Age (1500 BC-1000 BC)

  • It is generally agreed that Aryans originally lived somewhere in Steppes region stretching from southern Russia to central Russia.
  • The consensus is that originally, they lived somewhere in the east of Alps.
  • On their way to India, Aryans first appeared in Iran and little after 1,500 BC, they appeared in India.
  • Kassite inscription from about 1600 BC and Mittani inscription form 1400 BC found in Iraq bear some Aryan names, which suggest that from Iran, a branch of Aryans moved westwards.
  • Rig Veda has many things in common with Avesta- the oldest text in Iranian Language.
  • Rig Veda is the earliest specimen of any Indo-European language.
  • According to Rig Veda, early Aryans first settled in the region called ‘Sapta-Sindhava’ or the land of svern rivers encompassing the present day East Afghanistan, Punjab and Western UP.
  • Early Aryans were semi-nomadic and kept large herds of cattle.
  • As they settled down in villages, they also became cultivators, using ox to draw their ploughs.
  • They were ruled by warriors, who depended upon priests to perform the rituals to protect their crops and cattle and insure victory in war.
  • The Indian sub-continent got its name Bharat Varsha after the Bharata tribe, which was the strongest one.
  • During the later Vedic phase, the Aryans moved away from their early settlements to the Ganga-Yamuna Doab.
  • Ramayana has partly unfolded the tale of Aryan advent into the south.
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