1. If a pendulum clock is taken to the poles from the equator, the time period will decrease, because the value of ‘g’ increases with latitude.
  2. A pendulum clock on the top of a hill will, go slow, because the value of ‘g’ is less on hills.
  3. At the bottom of a mine, the value of ‘g’ is less.
  4. If a pendulum is carried to the moon, then as the value of acceleration due to gravity is about g/6, the time period will increase.
  5. During winter the temperature falls, hence the effective length decreases. As a result, the time period becomes smaller and the clock gains time. Vice versa in summer.
  6. Seconds’s pendulum is a simple pendulum for which the period is 2 seconds. Therefore, its frequency is 0.5 per second and it is independent of amplitude.
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