The Muslim League

  • The partition scheme and the subsequent Swadeshi Movement were followed by the formation of the All India Muslim League towards the end of 1906 by Aga Khan, the Nawab Mohsinul Mulk. It consisted of a group of big Zamindars, ex-bureaucrats and other upper class muslims.
  • The factors that helped the growth of Muslim separatism, were-the surfacing of Hindu revivalist tendencies during the Swadeshi Movement. The British propaganda that the partition of Bengal would benefit the Muslims and the spurt in communal violence.
  • Later, Muslim League came to be dominated by Young Turks who nursed anti British feelings. Britain had refused to aid Turkey in the Balkan Wars (1911-12) and had rejected University Status to the Aligarh College.
  • In 1928, the Muslim League rejected the Nehru Report, as it didn’t incorporate all their demands. This led to the estrangement of Jinnah, who called it a points including separate electorate, reservation of seats in the center and provinces, reservation of jobs for Muslims, creation of new Muslim majority provinces, etc which became the text of the communal demands.
  • 1939, Dec 22- The Muslim League observes the resignation of the Congress ministries as Deliverance Day.
  • 1940, March- Lahore session of the Muslim League passes the Pakistan Resolution.
  • On Dec 1943 the Karachi session of the Muslim League adopts the slogan- ‘Divide and Quit.’
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