Swami Dayananda

  • Swami Dayanand Saraswathi (Mula Shankar) was born in 1824 in Gujarat. He received education from Swami Virajonanda at Mathura.
  • Formally organised the first Arya Samaj unit at Bombay in 1875.
  • He was known as the earliest neo nationalist.
  • His ideal was to unite India religiously, socially and nationally.
  • He looked on the Vedas as India’s ‘Rock of Ages,’ the true original seed of Hinduism.
  • His motto was ‘Go back to vedas’.
  • He condemned idol worship and preached unity of God.
  • He decried untouchability and casteism and advocated remarriage and a high status of woman in society.
  • Denounced infinite number of meaningless rites and launched a crusade against all religious superstitions.
  • He was the first hindu reformer who turned from defence to attack, from protecting hindu faith from assaults.
  • He wrote three books ‘Satyartha Prakash’ in Hindi, “Veda-Bhashya Bhumika in Hindi and Saskrit and Veda Bhashya in Saskrit.
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