Successors of Shivaji

  • Sambhaji (1680-89): Sambhaji, the elder son, defeated Rajaram, the younger son of Shivaji, in the war of succession. He provided protection and support to Akbar, the rebellious son of Aurangazeb. He was captured at Sangamesvar by a Mughal noble and executed.
  • Rajaram (1689-1700): He succeeded the throne with the help of the ministers at Raigarh. He fled from Raigarh to Jinji in 1689 due to a Mughal invasion in which Raigarh was captured along with Sambhaji’s wife and son (Shahu) by the Mughals. Rajaram died at Satara, which had become the capital after the fall of Jinji to Mughals in 1698.
  • Shivaji II and Tarabai (1700-1707): Rajaram was succeeded by his minor son Sivaji II under the guardianship of his mother Tarabai.
  • Shahu (1707-1749): Shahu was released by the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah. Tarabai’s army was defeated by Shahu at the battle of Khed (1700) and Shahu occupied Satara. But the southern part of the Maratha kingdom with its capital at Kolhapur continued to be under the control of the descendants of Rajaram (Shivaji II and later Sambhaji II). Shahu’s reign saw the rise of Peshwas and transformation of the Maratha kingdom into an empire based on the principle of confederacy.
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