Stages of Swadeshi Movement

  • 1905-1909: Movement confined to Bengal and launched as a protest movement.
  • 1909-1910: Countrywide spread of movement and launching of anti colonial movement.
  • 1910-1911: Swadeshi movement merged with revolutionary terrorist movement of first phase and led to foundation of numerous secret associations.
  • To encourage indigeneous industries, some Swadeshi Enterprises were setup viz. Calcutta Potteries, Bengal Chemicals and Bengal Lakshmi Cotton Mills.
  • Swadeshi melas or fairs were held for selling handicrafts.
  • Charkha (spinning wheel) came to typify the popular concern for country’s economic self-sufficiency.
  • The ‘Carlyle Circular’ withdrew grants and scholarships to educational institutions. Hence Nationalist educational institutes were founded, eg Bengal Technical Institute, Bengal National College and School with Aurobindo Ghosh as its Principal.
  • Rabindranath Tagore called for the observance of raksha -bandhan as a stymbol of brotherhood.
  • A large number of volunteer bodies or Samitis were founded. Swadesh Bandhav Samiti of Barisal founded by Ashwini Dutt was the largest.
  • Anushilan Society had two branches. Pulin Das led the Dacca branch. Birendra Ghosh and Jatin Banerjee led the Calcutta Branch.
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