Some important points to remember

  • 100 degree Celsius = 212 degree¬†Fahrenheit = 373 Kelvin = 80 R
  • Bolometer is used for detection of infrared rays.
  • Boiling point is increased with increase in atmospheric pressure.
  • There is no exchange of heat during adiabatic process.
  • Temperature is constant during isothermal process.
  • Heat is constant during adiabatic process.
  • one calorie = 4.2 joule
  • Volume is constant during isochoric process.
  • Standard gas thermometer filled with hydrogen is used as standard thermometer.
  • For radiation no medium is required.
  • Cryogenics is study of low temerature.
  • At constant pressure volume is proportional to temperature.
  • Change of state is an isothermal process.
  • In adiabatic process specific heat is zero.
  • There is no negative temperature on Kelvin scale.
  • There is an increase in radius of metal ring while heating.
  • The temperature, below which, gas could be liquefied by only increase in pressure is called critical temperature.
  • Air conditioner regulate temperature as well as specific heat.
  • If the door of a refrigerator is opened in a closed room, there will be an increase in temperature.
  • Mode of heat transformations are conduction, convection and radiation.
  • Thermostat regulate temperature in refrigerator.
  • In cold countries some drop of glycerol is mixed with water in radiator of car, because it increases the freezing point of water.
  • Specific heat of water is 1.0 calorie/g degree celcius
  • Two thinner blankets are more warmer than a single blanket equal to their width.
  • Colour clothes are good absorber ofheat.
  • Ammonia is used as a coolant in refrigerator.
  • Calorie is unit of heat.
  • Pirometer is used for measuring temperature of the sun.
  • Temperature of a substance is an indicator of the average kinetic energy of molecules of the substance.
  • Heat energy needed to raise temperature of one kilogram of water is more than one kilogram of ice.
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