• Born at Shivneri to Shahji Bhonsle and Jija Bai, he inherited the Jagir of Poona from his father in 1673.
  • After the death of his guardian, Dadaji Kondadev, in 1647, he assumed full charge of his Jagir.
  • Before that, at the age of 18, he conquered Torna, built forts at Raigarh and Pratapgarh (1645-47).
  • Afzal Khan was deputed by Adil Shah ruler to punish Shivaji, but later murdered Afzal in 1659.
  • Later Shaista Khan, governor of Deccan, was deputed by Aurangazeb to put down the rising power of Shivaji in 1660.
  • Shivaji lost poona and suffered several defeats till he made a bold attack on Shaista’s military camp and plundered Surat (1664) and later Ahamadnagar.
  • Raja Jai Singh of Amber was then appointed by Aurangazeb to put down Shivaji (1665) and Jai Singh succeeded in besieging Shivaji in the fort of Purandhar. Consequently the treaty of Purandhar (1665) was signed according to which Shivaji ceded some forts to the Mughals and pay a visit to the Mughal court at Agra.
  • In 1674 he was coronated at Raigarh and assumed the title of Haindava Dharmodharak (protector of Hinduism).
  • Shivaji died in 1680.
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