RIN Mutiny 1946

18 Feb 1946, Bombay Ratings of HMS Talwar struck work due to flagrant racial discrimination, unpalatable food and abuse after the arrest of BC Dutt who scrawled Quit India on the ship. On 19th Feb HMS Hindustan, in Karachi also mutinied.

Swenty-four Ships, four flotillas and twenty shore establishments in Bombay, Karachi, Cochin, Vizag, Calcutta and Delhi had come under the command or influence of a Navel Central Strike headed by MS Khan. In Bombay the mutineers hoisted the tricolour on their ship-masts together with a protrait of Subhash Bose and shouted Jai Hindu in the Barracks. Their demands included release of all political prisoners including those belonging to the Indian National Army.

Vallabhai Patel and Jinnah jointly persuaded the ratings to surrender on 23rd February 1946.

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