Lord W Bentick (1828-35)

  • Most liberal and enlightened Governor General of India
  • Regarded as the father of Modern Western Education in India.
  • Abolition of sati and other cruel rites (1829)
  • Suppression of Thuggee (1830). Curbed by Colonel Sleeman.
  • Passed the Charter Act of 1833, which provided that no Indian subject of Company was to be debarred from holding an office on account of his religion, place of birth, descent and colour.
  • Macaulay’s minutes in education were accepted declaring that English should be official language of India.
  • Abolition of provincial courts of appeal and circuit of commissioners of revenue and circuit.


  • Annexed Mysore (1831), Coorg (1834), Central Cachar (1834) on the plea of misgovernment. Concluded a treaty of perpetual friendship with Ranjit Singh.
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