Lord Dalhousie (1848-56)

  • Abolished of Title and Pensions
  • Widow Remarriage Act -1856


  • Introduced Doctrine of Lapse.
  • Captured Satra in 1848
  • Captured Jaipur and Sambhalpur in 1849
  • Captured Bagahat in 1850
  • Captured Udaipur in 1852
  • Captured Jhansi in 1853
  • Captured Nagpur in 1854
  • Fought the Anglo Sikh War and annexed the whole of the Punjab
  • Second Burmese War 1852 and annexation of Lower Burma or Pegu
  • Annexation of Berar in 1853
  • Annexation of Oudh in 1856

Administrative Reforms

  • Introduced the system of Centralised control in the newly acquired territories known as Bon-Regulation system.
  • Raised Gurkha regiments.

Educational Reforms

  • Recommended the Thomsonian systme of Vernacular education for whole of the Northwestern provinces (1853)
  • Wood’s Educational Despatch of 1884 and opening of Anglo-Vernacular Schools and Government Colleges.
  • Universities were to be set up at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras.
  • An engineering college was established at Roorkee.

Public Works

  • Started the first railway line in 1853, connecting Bombay with Thana was laid down.
  • Started electric telegraph service. Laid the basis of the modern postal system.
  • Established a separate public works departments was set up for the first time.
  • Started work on the Grand Trunk Road and developed the harbours of Karachi, Bombay and Calcutta.
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