Indian Council Act, 1909

  • Known as Minto-Morely Act
  • Morley was the secretary of state, while Minto was the Indian Viceroy.
  • Additional members in central legislative assembly were increased to 60.
  • Introduced for the first time indirect elections to the Legislative Councils.
  • Separate electorates was introduced for the Muslims.
  • 27 non-official seats were to be filled in by elections. They were distributed as follows.
    – By non-official members of the Provincial Legislative councils.
    – By landhorders of six provinces.
    – By Muslims of 5 provinces
    – Alternately by Muslim land holders of UP/Bengal Chambers of commerce of Calcutta and Bombay.
    – Muslims were to be elected by separate electorates
  • Resolutions could be moved before the budget was taken in its final form. Supplementary questions could be asked.
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