Important points to remember

  • Speed of light is maximum in vaccum.
  • Shaped diamond shines due to high refractive index and total internal refraction.
  • Candela is the unit of luminous intensity.
  • Power of lenses is measured in diopter.
  • Longitudinal waves cannot be polarised.
  • If an object placed between two parallel mirrors than infinite objects will be formed.
  • Rainbow always formed in a direction opposite to the sun.
  • Lumen is unit of luminous index.
  • The frequency of visible light varies between 400nm to 700nm
  • Colour blindness was first discovered by Horner
  • Focal distance of lens is maximum for red-light and minimum for violet light.
  • 3D image is known as hologram
  • If a transparent material is invisible in any liquid then both of them have the same refractive index.
  • Magnifying glass is convex lens of small focal length.
  • If two mirrors are at an angle of 75 degree then the number of images is 5.
  • Human eyes have convex lens.
  • Raman effect is related to scattering.
  • For glass palate having refractive index 1.54 polarising angle is 57 degree.
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