Heat and Water

  • Water has the highest specific heat capacity. So, it can store large amount of heat energy at a fairly low temperature. That’s why, it supports aquatic life and is used as coolant in car radiators and also in fomentation. Fomentation is heating the swollen parts of body at a moderate temperature of about 50 degree Celsius, as it brings lot of relief.
  • A mixture of ice and common salt or any other impurity, soluble in water, such that temperature of mixture is below zero degree celsius, is called freezing mixture.
  • Regelation is the phenomenon due to which ice at zero degree Celsius, melts to form water below zero degree Celsius, on the application of pressure, and the water so formed, refreezes to form ice, on the removal of pressure.
  • Glaciers found in cold countries or high mountain are the direct outcome of regelation. Also, because of this phenomenon, no tracks are left on ice during skating.
  • Ice has the highest specific latent heat. So, compared to other matter, it requires higher amount of energy for melting. That’s why;
    1) Water bodies in cold countries do not freeze suddenly.
    2) snow melts slowly on the mountains in the summers, due to which, there are no flash floods, and the rivers contain water for whole year.
    3) Soft drinks are cooled by ice rather than iced cold water.
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