• The phenomenon by which the molecules of one kind penetrate through the spaces between the molecules of another kind is called diffusion. It is due to account of the irregular or random motion of the molecules of the two gases.
  • The irregular motion of suspended particles in a liquid without any mechanical cause is called Brownian movement. The Brownian movement increases on account of
    1) decreasing the size of the particles
    2) decreasing the density of movement
    3) increasing the temperature
  • The larger the free surface of the liquid, the higher is the number of molecules escaping per second, hence greater would be the rate of evaporation. Also, the rise of temperature, the kinetic energy of the molecules increases and the evaporation becomes faster.
  • Albert Einstein also contributed to the explanation of Brownian movement.
  • Siddharth Vardhan, who is a person of Indian Origin won Able prize in 2017 for his contribution towards the development of Mathematical formula with regard to Brownian movement.
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