Conductors of heat

  • Metals are good conductors of heat because in a metal there are large number of free electrons where take part in the process of conduction of heat.
  • Liquids and gases in general are bad conductors of heat, exceptions, mercury and molten metals.
  • The wool is a bad conductor of heat and air embedded inside the loosely woven fabrics is not free to give rise to convection currents.
  • Snow contains air pockets. As air is a bad conductor and convection currents cannot be formed in the air pockets of snow, it behaves like a very good insulator of heat. So, Eskimos make igloo out of snow because of it the the heat generated within the igloo from escaping out and keeps the house warm
  • The space between the two walls of an oven is filled with some insulating material to prevent heat loss due to conduction. Similarly, the space between the two walls of a refrigerator is filled with insulating materials, like glass, wool etc., so as to reduce the entry of heat from outside.
  • In the false ceiling, the empty space is filled with asbestos or saw dust ect., to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter.
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