Carnatic Wars

  • An instance of Anglo French Rivalry
  • Firt (1746-48). The French besieged Madras. At St Thome battle the Nawab of Carnatic’s army was defeated by French under Dupliex.
  • Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle (1748) ended the War of Austrian Succession.
  • Second War (1749-54). Dupleix aligned with Muzaffar Jung (Hyderabad) and Chanda Sahib (Carnatic).
  • After initial victories, Robert Clive emerged victorious.
  • Third War (1758-63) French, Count de Lally captured ‘Fort St David’
  • French were defeated at Wandiwash (1760)
  • Pondichery was returned to French by Treaty of Paris.
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