Anglo-Maratha Wars

  • First war (1775-82) Favouring the cause of Raghunath Rao for Peshwaship, English (Hastings) came in conflict with the Marathas. On being defeated, the British had to sign the humiliating Convention of Wadgaon.
  • British later signed Treaty of Salbai, renouncing the cause of Raghoba.
  • Second war (1803-06). The Marathas Peshwa signed the Subsidiary Alliance Treaty of Bassein (1802).
  • The Maratha confederacy, which did not like the idea challenged the British power but were defeated by the British.
  • Third War (1817-1888). Lord Hastings’ was determined to proclaim British paramountcy in India. Hastings moves against Pindaris transgressed the sovereignty of the Maratha chief and the war began.
  • The Maratha’s were decisively defeated.
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