Trace the origins of RIN Mutiny and evaluate its impact on political situation in India?

War time expansion of the navy brought men from all parts of the country, weakening the dividing tendencies in the military. Racial discrimination in the Royal Indian Navy, INA trials and post-war popular upsurge in India had a growing impact on these ratings. On 18th February the ratings of HMIS Talwar went on strike against bad food and racist insults. The next day it spread to the barracks. At Karachi, the sailors also joined it.

The impact of RIN mutiny put the last nail in the British coffin in India. Its impacts were as if of a great struggle. The mutineers demanded equal pay with white sailors. They raised national slogans and demanded release of INA soldiers and other political prisoners. They hoisted the Congress flag.

The RIN revolt made it clear that the military was no longer with the British rule. It shows that Indians were now capable of mass struggle without the help of any organisation. The revolt had perched the British establishments.

The spontaneous mass support to it, forced the government to think of the gravity of the situation. Leaders were forced to expedite demand for independence and government had to accept it in fear of popular outburst. It made the British to send Cabinet Mission soon to India.

Thus, the RIN mutiny provided fuel to early departure of the British form India. It speeded up the process of transfer of power.

May 13, 2016

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