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The Future You

A ship is always safe at the shore- but that is not what it is built for. Face the obstacles in life bravely: Albert Einstein

Sebin S Kottaram and Jobin S Kottaram

Go into a big hall and imagine that you are going to see the person that you are ten years later. What will you be wearing then? Where will you be living at that time? What will be the mark of the car that you are using? What will be your profession? How successful will you be in life then?

Look at the kind of thoughts that race through your mind when you imagined how you will be ten years later.

You can imagine the ten year’s later you in three different ways.

1) It could be in between what your situation is now and total discontentment over your life, which would mean you will be in an unhappy state of mind.

2) You will remain in the same situation that you are now in, without much of a difference even after ten years.

3) A complete life of happiness, health prosperity and peace. Contentment will be the catchword to describe your life of then years later.

People who belong to the first category think that life is a burden. Their life after ten more years, will be characterised by more discontent and unhappiness than now.

People who belong to the second category are the one’s who think they cannot grow any more than what they have already achieved. Such people will not be to be wealthier, or prove their talent at work or even add value to their personality.

If you aspire for success in life you should keep the first and the second examples at bay. You should imagine the highly successful third category. While you think of your life ten years later, your mind should turnup with the picture of a healthy, happy, wealthy and successful life.

Below are a few guidelines that will help you get there.

Ask yourself about what you will do in the next twelve months to realise your dreams.

After this, ask yourself what you will do to reach your goal in the next one month.

Thirdly, ask yourself what you will do so that you can realise your dream in the next one week.

And lastly, think about what you can do today to realise my long term goal.

Your dreams might be big. But if they always remain big, your dreams will always remain dreams.

Therefore, break your dreams into smaller parts. Now they will turn into easily achievable targets. Thus when your long term goal of ten years is broken down into this year’s, this month’s, this week’sand today’s smaller achievable goals, we understand the universal truth that what we thought was impossible is possible.

All those people who have been successful have understood these little tricks and have incorporated them in their lives and have thus been successful. Let us also break our big dreams into smaller units and interlace them together and reap success.

A motivational writer and speaker, Stuart Goldsmith has pointed out the reasons for the long year’s that pass by without any changes in certain people’s lives.

1) Apprehension about life

Many people fear life without any particular reason. They are anxious about what will happen tomarrow. Therefore they fail to take brave decisions that are necessary for winning in life. They are unable to accept even small changes in life due to their fear and anxiety about life.

2) Lack of imagination

Only those who have beautiful dreams about tomorrow will be able to have those beautiful tomorrows. A lot of people will draw a blank when questioned about their tomorrow. If your answer to a question about tomorrow draws a blank then your future will be blank too.

When we think about our tomorrows being beautiful and happy, it is a thrust for the subconscious mind to work towards this dream. Moreover the beautiful dreams and wonderful imagination will give you then necessary hope and vigour to live.

3) Empty promises

There are people who promise that they will do this and they will do that all the time. They then discuss their big dreams and what they are going to do with friends and relatives.

If one of them tells them that they cannot do it, then all their bravado goes down the drain.

They will then end up as people who took great decisions and ended up doing nothing about it. This will make them look small in front of other people.

But if you desire for great changes in your life after ten years, these are the factors you should be taking care of.

A) Over come fear

Fear belittles people. Fame is the lovely scent of brave deeds. Take brave decisions and enforce them in your lives. Success will surely come your way.

B) Pep up your imagination

Imagination is one of those characters that distinguishes human beings from animals. Only those people who firmly believe that they deserve a better life than what they are living today, have been able to accomplish their goals. The brave one’s who challenge themselves and reap great victories, will be self assured and confident. These people have dreams of being in top positions within a couple of years and imagine the realisation of their dreams each day.

C) Think practically

All the people who have acquired remarkable success, had a good understanding about their aspirations and how to go about reaching these goals. Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s realities. Try to be the prince of the real world being the prince of the world of dreams. An approach to life with a proper consciousness about reality, is essential for victory.

When triumph looks distant, it is better to break the ultimate goal into more easily achievable targets and thus reach the goal. Likewise, think practically and attain huge success.

D) Have an action plan ready

The goal might be far away and the road might be full of obstacles, but with a plan of action and a strong determination you will surely reach the shore of success. All achievers have a clear cut idea about what they are going to do. And come what may, they are committed to stick with the plan. There is no success without hardwork.

Even a small stone can create ripples in a body of water. Any small thing that you do for tomorrow, will help you in your long run to reach your goal.

Now think about who you will be after the next ten years.

April 10, 2019

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