How did terrorist movement gather strength in countries other than India?

The terrorist activities of Indians can be traced in abroad from 1912 onward or during the Ist World War. Many Indians began to plan a violent rebellion to overthrow the British rule.

Indian Revolutionaries in the United States of America and Canada had established the Ghadar Party in 1913. Most of the members of the party were Sikh,

peasants and ex-soldiers who had migrated there in search of livelihood and who faced the full brunt of racial and economic discrimination.

Lala Hardayal, Barkatullah, Bhagwan Singh and Sohan Singh Bhaka were some of prominent leaders of Ghadar Party. The ideology of the party was strongly secular. The party had active members in other countries such as Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa.

The party was pledged British in India. As soon as the First World War broke out in 1914, the Ghadarists decided to send arms and men to India to start an uprising with the help of soldiers. Inspired by the Ghadar Party, 700 men of the 5th Light Infantry at Singapore revolted under the leadership of Jamadar Chisti Khan. Further, Indian Independence Committee was wet up in Berlin in 1915 under Birendranath Chatopadhya. A provinsional government of Free India was set up at Kabul in 1915 by Mahendra Pratab and Barkatulla.

May 31, 2016

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