Success has no shortcuts

Success has no shortcuts- clicheic the words may seem, but they are not really. You’ll taste success only if you deserve it. Its pleasure does not caress you so easily. Success does not have many fathers- its creator is nothing but hard work. Hard work does not mean ineffective toiling without a clear vision or objective. When you work hard, it means you are doing it systematically, you know what you want to attain and you know how to proceed.

These days, information is vast and fathomless. However, when you are required to grasp and reproduce it, you find yourself in the soup. You can’t remember, you feel helpless and feel unworthy of any success. It is not your problem. It is because the information that you wanted to grasp was never converted into a deeper knowledge. Knowledge is set to stay, unlike pieces of information, like bits of paper, flies away easily. To convert information into knowledge, you need to concentrate more- you need to learn it systematically and analytically so that you process it better in a subjective manner.

Ekalawya is not an information portal where you can find volumes and volumes of data. It is designed in such a way that you feel better aware of the world when you read through each chapter. Following our modules religiously would make you one of the most resourceful persons in the world because we impart you knowledge. We set you free in the world of knowledge. Because we know that success is not about competitive exams, it is about life and fulfillment.

December 13, 2015

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