State Reorganisation Commissions



  1. Dhar commission, under Justice S.K.Dhar was appointed in 1948 by the government of India to look into the question of linguistic reorganisation of India. In its report Dhar commission rejected the idea of linguistic reorganisation of States.
  2. In december 1948, the J.V.P Commission (Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Pattabhi Sitaramaya) was appointed by the government to look into the question of States reorganisation on the basis of languages. It did not favour the idea of linguistic reorganisation of States.
  3. In 1954, the Government of India appointed a commission to look into the whole question of state reorganisation. The three-member commission was headed by Justice Fazal Ali and Pandit Hidayath Kunzru and sardar K.M.Panikar were its other members. In September 1955, commission submitted its report in which it recommended the formation of 16 states and 3 centrally administered areas for the Indian Union

Based on the recommendation of states reorganisation commission, the Union Parliament passed the States Reorganisation Act, 1956, which provided for the setting up of 14 States and six Union Territories.


  • In 1953, Andhrapradesh was created by taking the Telugu language speaking areas of Madras Province, Bombay Province and Central province.
  • 1954 Pondichery was handed over by French to India. It was included in Indian Union as a Union Territory.
  • Demand for the State of Gujarat out of Bombay province was raised in the decade of sixties which resulted into the bifurcation of Bombay Province and the State of Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1961.
  • On December 11, 1961 Goa was freed from Portuguese occupation through an army operation, and was made a state in 1987, by the 56th Constitution Amendment.
  • In 1962 the State Nagaland was created.
  • In the Hindi speaking area of Punjab, demand was raised for the setting up of Hindi speaking state out of Punjab. It resulted in the division of Punjab state into Punjabi speaking area of Punjab, Hindi speaking area of Haryana state and setting up of a Union Territory of Chandigarh in 1966 by the 18th Constitutional Amendment.
  • 1n1975, Sikkim was made an associate state by 35th Constitutional Amendment, which later on by 36th constitutional Amendment Act in 1975 was made a fully fledged state.
  • Mizoram was made a State o Union of India in 1986, by the 53rd Constitutional Amendment.
  • The state of Arunachal Pradesh was formed by the 55th Constitutional Amendment.
  • The State of Jharkhand was made out of Bihar in 2000
  • Eastern region of Madhya Pradesh was popularly known as Chhattisgarh. Finally, Madhyapradesh was bifurcated and the State of Chhattisgarh was formed in 2000.
  • In the Hilly area of the erstwhile State of Utter Pradesh, Uttaranchal was formed in 2000. On October 11, 2006 the name was changed to Uttarakhand.
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