Rising from dirt into a lotus bloom

Look at the lovely lotus. Then take a look at where it comes from, its root. If we look around the place where the lotus originates it is all mud and dirt. If the lovely lotus grows up to what is is from all the dirt around it, so can we.

Sebin S Kottaram and Jobin S Kottaram

Years ago, on a fine morning, Ian, a novice in the world of writing, completed writing his first ever book. He did not reveal about his first attempt at writing to anyone he had no faith in the worth of his creation. And so the book lay undiscovered in his wardrobe.

Then one day Ian’s father, while on a casual visit to his house, chanced upon the book. He read it and was impressed. He told Ian his opinion and asked him to get it published. But Ian was unsure if people will accept his book or if anyone would be ready to publish his work.

Thus the book was published. Released without fanfare and flourish, the book however found instant acceptance from the public and soon became the talk in reader’s circle. Until the writer’s death, the book had sold a million copies and is still in demand to this day. The book, also gave to the world, James Bond, its famous protagonist who has admirers all over the world. Yes, we are talking about Ian Fleming the writer and creator of the famous James Bond who created ripples in literary circles with his Casino Royale, his first book.

Neither did Fleming know that James Bond would go on to live for decades in the minds of people nor did he expect the success it would bring to him at the time of writing the book. Instead he was even unsure if it was well written. His low self esteem was the reason behind these thoughts. He failed to realise these only when the book reached the masses. If the book lay unpublished in his wardrobe, Ian Fleming’s life too would have remained unknown but for the three words that summarise any ordinary person’s life- birth, life and death. But when he realised his self worth he transformed into an author who is admired even today.

Haven’t we also come across situations when we too have drawn ourselves into a shell due to a lack of self confidence and self esteem? There might have been times when you have been reluctant to bring out into the open, something that you have written or anything for that matter. Due to this, a lot of it might have gone unappreciated. Just think about it this way. What if I concealed something the world would otherwise have considered invaluable? Did I just cover up a work that the world would admire me for due to my low self esteem? Think about it. It’s never too late to overcome your under- confidence and realise your true potential. Unless you realise your caliber, it is impossible for you to rise to those heights that a person of your capability can ideally achieve. And for this you need to conquer your self-doubt and learn to have faith in yourself. let’s look at another example.

A farmer was one day returning home from the market. On his way he found an egg. He brought it home and laid it in the brooding chicken’s nest with the other eggs. Days passed by. The eggs started hatching one by one. Finally the egg that the farmer found also hatched. But wheareas all the other eggs hatched into chicks this particular egg hatched into an eaglet. But it too grew up with the chicks just like them. It searched for food just like the chicks and hid under the wings of the mother hen from attacking birds and other animals.

one day the eaglet happened to see an eagle circling in the sky. Seeing this, the eaglet told the other chicken, “oh what a huge bird. See it circling in the sky with such royal splendour. I wish I could live like that.”

Hearing this, the chicks told him; “you little fool that is an eagle, the king of birds and we are just chicken. We can never be like it. So just forget aspiring to live like that.”

Now the eaglet felt that the other chicks were right about what they said. How can a mere chick like me become like the king of birds. It therefore decided to be content with the life it was living.

The eaglet therefore lived the rest of its life as a chick oblivious to the fact that it was an eagle, unable to realise or achieve its real potential.

Have you ever felt that you are good for nothing and worthless just because someone else said so? Have you ever felt confidence leave your side when you are presented with a new responsibility? How many times have you thought, “I can’t do it”?

Let us not forget that judging ourselves by the growth of others who have lived in similar situations, and thus, setting a limit for our own growth is criminal. Are you one of those belonging to this category? Then this is the time to revisit your decisions and think about the story of the eaglet that grew up with the chicks.

Be clear about one thing which is, you have to make up your mind to help yourself and the rest follows. Understand yourself, understand your real worth. Now is the time to refocus on your real worth and reach for the stars. Believing in yourself and your abilities can not only do wonders but also gives you wings and helps you reach your goals.

Look at the lovely lotus. Then take a look at where it comes form, its root. If we look around the place where the lotus originates it is all mud and dirt. If the lovely lotus grows up to what it is from all the dirt around it, so can we. The dirt never hampered the growth of the lotus. let us also not be hampered from reaching our goals by the surroundings or the place or the family back ground that we come from. If one has absolute faith in oneself nothing can stop him from what he wants to be or where he wants to reach. I wish you success in all your endeavours.

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April 10, 2020

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