Reorganisation of States in India



  • At the time of Independence, India was divided into the British India provinces and Indian princely states. India Independence Act, 1947 provided the Dominion of India and Pakistan and ended the British paramountcy over the princely states and they were allowed to choose anyone of the dominions.
  • There were many princely states from which a few joined Pakistan and a large number of them joined the Dominion of India.
  • The reorganisation of the provinces of India on linguistic lines had been one of the demands of the Indian National Congress during the freedom struggle. After Independence its demand was raised in various parts of the country in which the fast and death of Sriramulu, who was demanding the creation of a Telugu state of Andhra pradesh forced the government to reorganize the States.
  • Sardar Vallabhai Patel Home Minister in the National Provinsional Government and V.K.Menon (Home Secretary) through their percuasive and punitive measures integrated a large number of states with the Indian Union.
  • The State of Kashmir signed the instrument of accession on 26th October 1947. And Junagarh and Hyderabad signed the instrument of accession in 1948.
  • In 1953, Andhrapradesh was created out of Telugu speaking areas of Madras, Bombay, and Central Province. It was the first state to be formed on linguistic basis.
April 10, 2019

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