Peoples plan was given by

  • Who among the following has been appointed the first CEO of the NITI Aayog set up on 1 jan 2015?

Sindhushree Khullar


  • Who wrote the book titled Planned Economy of India?



  • Which period of the five year plan is called Plan holiday?



  • During which five year plan period Smiling Buddha Underground nuclear test conducted ____

Fourth plan


  • The strategy of rolling plan was adopted during the Prime Ministersip of ____

Morarji Desai


  • Bombay plan was presented in ____ year



  • Peoples plan was given by

MN Roy


  • National Statistical day is observed on

June 29


  • The founder of Indian Statistical Institute _____



  • In India, which body finalizes the Five Year Plan proposed?

National Development Council

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