MN Roy one of the founder of Indian Communism, his original name was

  • The Jalianwala Bagh massascre occurred in

13 April 1919


  • The first railway line connecting Bombay and Thane was laid down in the year



  • The British parliament passed the Govt of India Act of 1919 on the basis of the reports on constitutional reform prepared by Montagu which is popularly known as

Montagu-Chelmsford reforms


  • _____ may be regarded as the father of electric telegraph in India

Lord Dalhousie


  • In support of Khilafat movement, Gandhi launched a program in August 1920 called

Non-cooperation movement


  • From which year onwards May Day come to be observed in India regularly



  • MN Roy one of the founder of Indian Communism, his original name was

Narendranath Bhattacharya


  • ____ movement initiated by EC Ramaswamy Naikkar in Tamilnadu

Self respect movement


  • In ____ case Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Dev where later sentenced to death

Lahore Conspiracy Case


  • Which award announced by British Prime Minister Ramsay Mac Donald in 1932?

Communal award

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