KAS Questions: Who is the chairman of the governing body of Kudumbashree?

  • In which year the Government of Kerala launched Kudumbasree

1998 may 17


  • Which Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Kudumbasree project at Malappuram

Atal Bihari Vajpayee


  • What is the ultimate goal of the Kudumbashree programme?

Eradication of poverty


  • Which is the largest women empowering project in India?



  • The Kudumbashree project aimed to wipe out the absolute poverty in Kerala within ____ years



  • Which are the three critical components of the Kudumbashree project

Micro credit, Entrepreneurship and empowerment


  • Which empowerment project was formally registered as the ‘State Poverty Eradication Mission (SPEM)



  • Who is the chairman of the governing body of Kudumbashree

State minister of LSG


  • Which are the grassroots of Kudumbashree project

Neighborhood groups


  • Which is the ward level organ of the Kudumbashree
Area Development Society
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