Almora hill station is in the state of

  1. The state with the largest number of Major Ports?Tamilnadu
  2. The first and the oldest oil refinery in India is located in:Assam (Digboi)
  3. Garden Reach shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd is situated at:Kolkata
  4. The famous Tribe ‘Jarawas’ live in:Little Andaman
  5. Jog falls, the highest water falls in India is situate in the river?Sharavati
  6. Namdapha Tiger Reserve is in the state of?Arunachal Pradesh
  7. The name of which state means ‘Thirty six forts’?Chattisgarh
  8. Almora hill station is in the state of:Uttarakhand
  9. The airport in Port Blair is named after:Vir Savarkar
  10. The Jorhat national park is in the state of:Assam
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