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Thought: It is best to never keep anything for tomorrow. There might not be a sunrise for you tomorrow: Congreve

Sebin S Kottaram and Jobin S Kottaram

It is a fact that whatever be your platform, success doesn’t come easy. Success is something that lends itself to people who work hard and are never discouraged, and who walk ahead with determination never once forgetting their destination.

Mozo bamboo is a tree found in China. It is found in abundance in the tropics. If you plant this tree you will have to give to it water and manure daily like you would to any tree. But even after about five years of your constant care, the tree just remains to be a small shrub. But after the first five years, you will not believe your eyes as the small shrub grows up to almost 60 feet in a matter of just 30 days. The little shrub acquires the height of a five storey building in no time. The growth is so amazingly fast that one can almost see the leaves and shoots growing with naked eyes.

Anyone who sees its growth would be surprised at how the little shrub could attain such tremendous growth in such a short span of time.

The answer to this amazing transformation is right there at the bottom of our little shrub. After having absorbed the necessary amount of water, manure and sunlight the huge tree was not wasting all of it but was storing it in the form of energy for its future use. For a tree to stand as tall as a five storey building the attributes necessary for shrub will not suffice. It would need the qualities of a huge tree. Therefore, though unknown to the outside world, the tree was gearing itself up for its future growth from within. It started acquiring the strength to make it withstand any storm that would come its way even from the time it was just a shrub. Its roots were kilometers long and they grew penetrating the rocks and other obstruction, giving a strong base for the future tree to stand on. All these years the plant was silently establishing a robust foundation for it to grow on. Once its roots are firmly planted on the ground and once it acquires the necessary energy, it reveals itself to the world by skyrocketing to unimaginable heights right in front of your eyes.

Now let us understand that the growth of the Mozo Bamboo did not happen in an instant. The whole process of preparation and waiting took years; until finally, the right opportunity presented itself, when the plant disclosed its real identity capability and strength to the world.

Each of our lives has also been punctuated with such phases, these stages of quiet growth.

We know of an endless list of great people who live and have lived in this world. But none of them was born famous. They have all had their own share of pain and hardship. Only those people, who swim against the tide, see opportunities even in unfavourable conditions and sweated it out, have made it ashore. Even people who swim along the tide will reach somewhere, but that might not be where they had wanted themselves to reach. Going along with the tide might even take you to whirlpool of more problems and danger. If you sit by the riverside and take a look at the waves you will see fish floating along the flow of water, but if you look more closely you will see that most of them are dead fish. The other fish even when there is a strong current, swim against it and reach their destination. If we do not strive hard at the right time we lose sight of our goal. In our student years if we are slothful and careless instead of being hardworking and industrious, our lives will end up like the first few years in the life of the Mozo Bamboo, growth stunted. But at the same time if you utilise your time for studying and hard work in your student life, keeping aim in mind, your life will be like the later years of the Mozo Bamboo, on the fast track to success and growth.

This is a lesson for life, be it in the student years or at work, this lesson can take you a long way. If we do not prepare ourselves and stay abreast with the times, our growth at the work place will get stunted and not progress further. It is good to always remember that time and technology are always advancing and keeping up to date with the times helps you a great deal in reaching where you want to be.

We are living in a very dynamic world today and preparation is a prerequisite in all walks of life. For example, a teacher cannot be looking at just what is given to him in the syllabus and teach his students. The reason being, science and technology, even language, is constantly changing. Such being case, today’s teacher is under constant pressure to keep up with the changing times. A teacher who teaches only what the outdated syllabus recommends or whatever he was once taught, will stand to lose out on his own credibility and he questioned on his own knowledge. When all the new information is available at your fingertips with the help of the internet, it is pure folly to rely on old obsolete material for teaching new generation youth. Moreover, the teacher will be a total failure at his job.

Right from doctors and engineers, to lawyers and media persons, to the most ordinary grocery shop owner, all require the necessary preparation and knowledge to face new situations and changes in a forever changing world. If you do not anticipate changes and prepare accordingly, you will be defeated by these very changes.

Why do sports persons, athletes and soldiers train on a daily basis? Athletes and sports persons do not just go and participate in competitions. Instead they are constantly under training for months together to keep their skills honed to perfection. Even after playing for decades, cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar still plays with the same zeal and energy he exhibited in his first ever match. And he attributes his success to the long hours he spends in training.

It is a fact that whatever be your platform, success doesn’t come easy. Success is something that lends itself to people who work hard and are never discouraged, and who walk ahead with determination never once forgetting their destination. So let us all give ourselves to preparation and hard work and thus invite success into our lives. You will then be a source of surprise and inspiration to all around you when one day suddenly, you reach the peak of success like the Mozo Bamboo which just grows into a huge tree out of nowhere. We hope and pray that this may be possible. May luck be with you.

April 10, 2020

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