Positive thoughts mean far beyond being simply happy and pleasant

The easiest thing in the world would be to be negative. It does not cost you anything at first. Being skeptical and cynical, believing that nothing is going to change and you need not move a finger to change them can bring you an easy mind at first. But sooner you will pay its price because the very world is created out of a positive outlook. What if the great inventors discarded their efforts at the first instance? What would have moved this world if Michael Faraday has a negative guy?

Positive thoughts mean far beyond being simply happy and pleasant. It is a belief in us, our capabilities and obligations to change the world. It is the sum total of our identities as a social animal and a unique individual. When you start doing something, just think how it is going to affect the outer, bigger world. If it does not, think again if you can make a small difference to your plans that bring about a change in the life of somebody other than you. That is being positive. That is being beyond your individualistic self satiation. To be positive, never think that everybody around you must be positive. Adversities can kindle the most positive thoughts ever.

Don’t wait to the world to be positive. Start with the smallest move. Extend your hands to turn the minutest hurdle upside down. That is being positive. Be in the company of positive people. Read and listen to positive things that instill in you a sense of hope and delight. There are no special mantras for being positive, but wanting to be positive. Of course, you will feel a masochist pleasure when you are negative, but soon after it would become a dark combination of low self esteem and disappointment. So affirm yourself that you are going to be positive and there is no other way out for you. Feel within yourself the reassurance that it brings. Happy Going!

January 14, 2016

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