The name of Raja Rammohan Roy stands foremost in the field of religious and social reforms. Elucidate

Raja Rammohan Roy was foremost among the socio religious reformers during 19th century. He established Atmiya Sabha (1814) to propagate monotheism and to fight against evil practices and customs in Hindu relgion. He showed that such practices were not found in the scriptures. His Brahmo Samaj (1818) tried to purify the Hinduism, based on the pillars of reason and ancient scriptures.

Rammohan had life long crusade against practice of sati. His persuasion of government resulted in its abolition (1892). He championed the cause of women’s right to inheritance and property. He attacked polygamy and degraded status of widows. He supported widow remarriage. He emphasized on Shaiva marriage to tend off cast barriers and rituals. He was a pioneer for spread of western education in India.

January 22, 2017
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