How did the movement for the liberation of women receive a great stimulus from the rise and growth of the nationalist movement in India?

The movement for the liberation of women received a great stimulus from the rise of nationalist movement in the 20th century. Women played an active role in the struggle for freedom. They participated in large numbers in the agitations against partition of Bengal and in the Home Rule movement.

Sarojini Naidu became the president of the Indian National Congress. Several women became ministers or parliamentary secretaries in popular ministries of 1937. Another important development was the birth of women’s movement in the country. Now, self confident women undertook the task for upliftment of women.

They started many organisations for the purpose, the most outstanding being the All India Women’s Conference, founded in 1927. Women’s struggle for equality took a big step forward with the coming of independence. Article 14 and 15 of the Indian Constitution guaranteed the complete equality of men and women. The Hindu Succession Act of 1956 mad the daughter an equal co-heir with the son.

May 3, 2016

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