Impeachment of Indian President

The Indian President can also be removed by impeachment for violation of the constitution


  • The Indian President holds office for a term of five years. However he can resign from his office at any time by addressing the resignation letter to the Vice President of India.
  • Any resignation addressed to the Vice President shall forthwith be communicated by him to the speaker of Loksabha.

Impeachment of Indian President

  • The Indian President can also be removed by impeachment for violation of the constitution. Either house may prefer the charge of violation of the Constitution before the other house which shall either investigate the charge itself or cause the charge to be investigated.
  • When a vacancy occurs in the President’s office due to his death, resignation or removal or otherwise, otherwise, the Vice President act as the President until a new President is elected. An election to fill such vacancy should be held within six months from the date of occurrence of such vacancy. A person who holds, or who has hold the office of a President is eligible for re-election to that office.
  • According to Article 60 the oath of office to the President is administered by the Chief Justice of India and in his absence, by the senior most judge of the Supreme Court available.
  • Article 61 lays down that the President may be removed by impeachment from his office on grounds of violation of the Constitution.
  • The impeachment charges may be initiated by either houses of Parliament and these charges should be signed by ¼ th members of the house which framed the charges.
  • Regarding the charges a 14 days’ notice should be given.
  • The resolution of the charges for impeachment of the President should be passed by a majority of not less than 2/3 rd of the total membership of the House.
  • Afterwards the charges are investigated in the other House of the Parliament. If the resolution is passed in this House also with a majority of 2/3rd of its total membership, then the President stands removed form his office from the date on which the bill is so passed.

# Impeachment of Indian President

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