How to take good decisions

Anticipate the result of your decision right from the beginning

Sebin S Kottaram and Jobin S Kottaram

Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice as what once flowed past you will never come again.

An accidental decision was what began the artistic life of the world famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci. One of his teachers was ill and she wanted him to finish a painting that she had started and could not complete.

At first Da Vinci politely refused to listen to her, saying he could not possibly do it. Bu in the end, he could not resist the teacher’s loving persuasion and under took to complete the work. When the teacher returned after the short illness, she saw the painting that Leonardo had completed and was amazed at the skill of the young boy. The accidental decision of taking up the unfinished painting was what made Leonardo realise his hidden talent in painting.

Teenage and youth are those phases in life where we take crucial decisions.

It is during these years that we take decisions on our marriage, career and other decisions which have repercussions all through our later lives.

While taking the decision we might feel that it is the correct decision, but time might prove us wrong. But we will be totally entangled in the after effects of our decision by then and it will already be too late to get out of it.

It is unwise and un-advisable to take a decision that will have its adverse effects on our whole lives, just to come out of a temporary crisis.

In the event of a failure in an examination, a financial crisis or a feeling of loneliness, some of us try to find solace in other relationships without thinking of the consequences of such a relationship. Such decisions taken at a time without mental maturity are not decisions taken with a proper understanding.

In such situations of high mental stress, it is seen that girls more than boys, have a greater desire for security, to be protected. The relations they form as a result of such situations might give them temporary comfort and security, but will have for reaching aftershocks.

Decisions are what lead people to success or failure, good or evil.

If you face a problem in taking the right decision, it is always better to talk to someone who has a good idea about the particular subject.

While about a career, you should think about how suited that particular to your personality. Do yo have what it requires to shine in that particular career? what are the job opportunities like if you chose that career? Does the institution you plan to join have all the necessary recognition from required authorities. Will this particular course help you reach your desired level of success? These are the questions you should be asking yourself before taking the plunge.

It is always good to remember that we are playing with our life for each decision that we take.

Two people who came from similar backgrounds, who studied in the same school and class sitting next to each other, might fall under two different categories when it comes to how successful they are. One of them could be in the list of successes and the right decision at the right time whereas the other faltered in his decision making.

Decision should be taken with a correct understanding of the issue at hand. An in-depth knowledge of the subject, the pros and cons of the particular decision, an understanding of reality, and a healthy mind are what leads to a proper understanding.

How to take good decisions

1) Take a sheet of paper and write down the pros and cons of the decision that we are about to take. If there are more positive factors than negative one’s that is an indication that we are taking the right decision.

2) While taking a decision regarding a person or persons, make sure that you have undertaken the necessary inquiries and have got the right responses about the person or persons in question.

3) It is always better to seek the help of an experienced person or a professional counselor when you have to take a decision while you are weak due to mental stress and anxiety.

4) Anticipate the result of your decision right from the beginning.

April 12, 2019

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