Was Gandhiji’s decision to withdraw Non Cooperation Movement right?

Very few leaders and people seemed to support Gandhi’s decision to withdraw Non-cooperation Movement, at that time. Yet, in a retrospective analysis, this decision by Gandhi places him in a league of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. The withdrawal of the moment was justified on many grounds.

Firstly, one of the most basic principles of Gandhi’s ideology viz. Non-violence has been violated by the people even before they had understood it. Gandhi realised that people were not yet ready for a non-violent movement and they had to be trained in “Satyagraha”.

Secondly, only a leader of Gandhiji’s stature could foresee that the violence abated by the people at Chauri Chaura would not be taken lying back by the British and they would unleash an unprecedented violence in which ultimately, innocent civilians would suffer. By withdrawing the movement, Gandhi saved the people from the future suffering.

Thirdly,Gandhi wanted to buy some time to assess the strength of both-his supporters as well as the British, so as to plan his future action in accordance with his assessment.

Gandhi was a leader who not only led his people to fight the mighty British but also cared for his people and saved them from any untoward incident. He was a visionary who could foresee the enemy’s next move. This was evident from his withdrawal for the non-cooperation movement. 4

March 27, 2017

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