Why did Gandhi launch salt satyagraha in 1930 and with what results?

salt satyagraha

In 1929 Congress session adopted Poorna Swaraj as its goal. In pursuance of it, Gandhiji sent an 11 point ultimatum to Lord Irwin. However, Irwin refused to entertain this led Gandhi to start.

Salt Satyagraha

The salt satyagraha started on six April 1930 by Gandhi’s breaking of salt law at Dandi. The movement continued till 1934. The Left as an alternative emerged, for the Movement had aroused expectations, which Gandhiji’s strategy could not fulfill.

At the level of leadership, Nehru and Bose voiced the new mood, emphasizing the need to combine nationalism with radical, social and economic programmes.

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Some Congress activists formed a socialist group within the party in 1934. Kisan Sabhas with anti zamindar programme developed rapidly in provinces like Bihar and Andhra.


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May 21, 2020

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