Evaluate the attitudes of different political partial towards Quit India Movement

The Congress had to decide its course of action in the wake of failure of the Cripps mission, arrival of Japanese armies on Indian boundaries, rising prices and shortages in food supplies. At time juncture, Gandhiji told the British to Quit India and leave India in God’s hand. His message for Indians was “Do or Die” either we shall be successful in winning independence or die in the process. Thus, started the Quit India Movement on August 9, 1942.

Thus, Congress under the inspiration of Gandhi gave its heart and soul to the movement, infact it was the party which led and sustained the movement. Although its big leaders were arrested but its common members were the real strength of the movement.

But, other political parties, due to their narrow political vision and interests did not support the movement. The Muslim league kept aloof from the movement and no in fact severely tried to weaken the movement. The Hindu condemned the movement. The Communist Party of India due its people’s war living did not support the movement. The Indian Princes and the landlords were supporting the war effort and didn’t sympathies with the movement. There were few congress leaders also like Raj Gopalachari, who didn’t participate in the movement but supported to war effort.

March 18, 2016

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