Discuss Gandhi’s concept of Basic Education. How far was it a departure from conventional system of education?

Gandhi laid on Basic Education or Nai Talim. He believed that the proper development of personality should always take into consideration the requirements of mind, body and spirit.

Gandhian education was quite distinct from conventional system of education. To him, the conventional system of education made the students only literate parasites. It promotes division between intellectual and manual work. It did not prepare them, for life. Gandhiji suggested that the students should be taught handicrafts during the school period and part of the expenses of his education should be meted out of the sale proceeds of articles which the students made. It was to ensure self confidence and self reliance on the part of the students when they leave the school.

Gandhian education was meant to create self respected colossal trained in the art of living. He emphasized on the highest development of mind and soul. He was not in favour of creating theoretical man. He was in favour of a scientific man who knows why and what of every thing that happens around him.

Thus, Gandhian education is to create a self sustained student. It is the best answer to today’s problem of unemployment.

May 18, 2016

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