Discuss the aim and objects of Khilafat movement and to what extent was it successful?

The Khilafat Movement was against dismemberment of Turkey. The Sultan of Turkey was spiritual leader or Muslim leader of Muslims world over. The British attempt at clipping his powers and fragmentation of his territory after the First World War aroused public ire against British India. In early 1919 a Khilafat Committee was formed. It demanded first that the Khilafat’s control over Muslim sacred places should be restored and secondly, he should be left with sufficient territories.

The movement though started on a religious ground soon. It became a pan-India movement with All India Khilafat Conference in 1919. Gandhi became the head of it. British goods were boycotted. It became a precursor to non-cooperation movement when a militant trend emerged demanding stoppage of all cooperation to British. It succeeded in bringing a radical nationalist trend among the Muslim youth. It made traditional Muslim scholars critical of the British. The Congress support of it made in inter-religious and mass based. Its most important success was that it ensured Hindu-Muslim unity which was inevitable for success of freedom struggle. The Khilafat issue, in course of time, lost its value and emerged along the non-cooperation movement of 1921.

April 30, 2016

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