Towards Quit India Movement


Following the withdrawal of the civil disobedience movement, Gandhi wanted to focus upon his village reconstruction programme and Harijan Campaign while many other party members wanted to fight the elections. In october 1934, Gandhi resigned from the Indian National Congress.

In the Elections to the Central Legislative Assembly in November 1934, the Congress won 45 seats out of the 75. The government announced the holding of elections to the provincial legislatures in February 1937 under the Government of India 1935 which promised provincial autonomy. At the Lucknow session (April 1936), the Congress decided to contest them. The Congress framed a detailed political and economic programme at the Faizpur session (December 1936) under the Presidentship of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Provincial Elections under the Govt of India Act 1935

August Offer, 1940

Individual Satyagraha 

The Cripps Mission 1942

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