• It is a path pursued by a particle of the fluid in steady motion.
    • Adding a tail to the spherical object in a manner that it fits the streamlines of the fluid, reduces the tendency to form eddies. Under such a situation, the moving object slips through the fluid with minimum disturbance.
    • An object which is shaped in a manner that the eddies are not formed when it moves at great speeds through the fluid is said to be streamlined.
    • Aircraft moving with high speed encounter high drag force. It is, therefore important to have mirror smooth surfaces and streamlined shape for a high speed aircraft.
    • The speed of an aircraft is given interms of Mach Number
    • Speeds below Mach 1.0 are called subsonic, while above Mach 1.0 are called supersonic. Very high speeds corresponding to Mach 5 are called hypersonic.

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