• The force which a body possesses, due to the combined effect of its mass and velocity is called momentum.
    • If ‘p’ is the momentum of a body, ‘m’ the mass and ‘v’ the velocity, then Momentum=Mass x Velocity; ie, p=mv.
    • The greater the mass and velocity of an object, the larger is its momentum. For example, cars are heavy and fast.Thus, they have enough momentum to crumple steel and break down brick walls when they crash to a halt.
    • According to the law of conservation of momentum, in a colliding system, the total momentum remains conserved.
    • If two bodies of masses ‘m1’ and ‘m2’ moving with velocities ‘u1’ and ‘u2’ collide and their velocity becomes ‘v1’ and ‘v2’, then, m1u1+m2u2=m1v1+m2v2.
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