Important Battles in Indian History


1707: Battle of Khed. Tara Bai defeated by Shahu.

1739: Battle of Karnal. The Mughal army defeated by Nadir Shah.

1740: Battle of Gharia. Fought between Sarfaraz Khan, Nawab of Bengal and Alivardi Khan was killed.

1746-48: First Carnatic war. Fought between French and British forces. Madras was captured by French but returned to the English by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chappalle. It is famous for the battle of St.Thome, in which a small French army defeated the Nawab’s large force.

1749-54: Second Carnatic War. Initially the French under Dupleix had some successes but at last the English got a hold.

1758-63: Third Carnatic War. French captured Fort St David in 1758, but suffered badly at Wandiwash (1760).

1757: Battle of Plassey. The English forces under Robert Clive defeated the army of Siraj-ud-daula.

1761: Third battle of Panipat. Marathas were defeated by Ahmad Shah Abdali.

1746: Battle of Buxar, the English under Munro defeated Mir Qasim, the Nawab of Bengal, Shuja-ud-daula, Nawab of Avadh and Shah Alam II, the Mughal emperor.

1767-69: First Anglo-Mysore war. Contested between Haider Ali and the British.

1770: Battle of Udgir. The Nizam was defeated by the Marathas.

1775: Battle of Sindkhed between the Marathas and the Nizam. The Nizam was forced to surrender some territories.

1752-82: First Anglo- Maratha war. The British army was defeated. The humiliating convention of Wadgoan (1779) concluded. Peace was at last restored by the Treaty of Salbai (1782).

1780-84: Second Anglo-Mysore war. Haider Ali died in the battle (1782) and the field was taken by his son Tipu Sultan. The war was concluded by the Treaty of Manglore (1784).

1789-92: Third Anglo-Mysore war. Tipu Sultan was defeated (1792). The war came to a close with the Treaty of Seringapatam.

1799: Fourth Anglo-Mysore war. Tipu died fighting.

1803-06: Second Anglo-Maratha War. The Marathas were defeated by the British.

1814-16: Nepalese war. Between the English and Gurkhas. The war came to an end with the Treaty of Sagauli.

1817-19: Third Anglo-Maratha war. The Marathas were badly defeated by the British.

1824-26: First Anglo-Burmese war. The British defeated the Burmese. Peace was restored by the Treaty of Yandahboo.

1839-42: First Anglo-Afghan War. The Afghan ruler Dost Muhammad was defeated by the  English.

1845-46: First Anglo-Sikh war. The Sikhs were defeated by the English. The war was ended by the Treaty of Lahore.

1848-49: Second Anglo-Sikh war. Sikhs were defeated and Punjab was annexed by the British.

1852: Second Anglo-Burmese War. The English was successful.

1865: Third Anglo-Burmese war. The English annexed Burma.

1878-80: Second Anglo-Afghan war. The English suffered losses.

1919-21: Third Anglo-Afghan war. The English though victorious did not benefit from the war.

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