Development of Education

  • Warren Hastings set up the Calcutta Madrasa in 1781 for the study of Arabic and Persian.
  • The Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded by Sir William Jones in Calcutta in 1784.
  • Jonathan Cuncan, the resident at Benares started the Sanskrit College in 1791.
  • Lord Welleslley started the Fort William College in 1800 for the training of Civil Servants, which the court of Directors closed in 1802.
  • The Charter Act of 1813, was the first to provide an annual expenditure of one lakh rupees ‘for the revival and promotion of literature.’
  • David Hare and Raja Rammohan Roy were instrumental in setting up the Calcutta Hindu College in 1817. Which later developed into the Presidency College.
  • Lord William Bentick, in the Resolution of 7 March 1835, accepted Macualays viewpoint which led to the promotion of European science and literature.

Sir Charles Wood Despatch 1854

The Hunter Education Commission 1882-83

The Raleigh Commission 1902

The Indian Universities Act 1904

Sadler Commission 1917-19

Wardha Scheme

Sargeant Plan of Education 1944


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