Bring out the ideological basis of the Moderate-Extremist divide in INC?

Moderates believed that a direct struggle for political emancipation of country was not yet on the agenda. What was on the agenda was the arousal and consolidation of national feeling, bringing of a large number of Indians into the vortex of nationalist politics and their training in politics and political agitation. The popular demands had to be formulated on a country wide basis so that the emerging public opinion might have an All-India focus. They believed that national unity had to be created in the first instance among the political conscious Indians and political workers and leaders.

But, on the other hand, extremists who derived inspiration from their traditional cultural values wanted to have relations with other countries in terms of equality and self respect. They had tremendous sense of self respect and wanted to keep their heads high. To the extremists, emancipation meant something much deeper and wider than politics.

April 28, 2016

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