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Aspiration and Life

You Should Start From Below to Reach Great Heights: Cyrus
[ Aspiration ] “Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting then being one.” ― Marilyn Monroe

Sebin S Kottaram and Jobin S Kottaram

Are you this day, living the life of your dreams, the life you always aspired for? Probably not. Life might have taken us on an altogether different path from the one that we dreamed of. Yet, we will reach heights we had actually desired for. This might not be in the exact same way as we had wanted it to be. But understanding this fact can help you get on with your life without being depressed and discontented and make your life a happy one.


It was a beautiful forest with a great population of trees. One day three of these trees were sharing their dreams and hopes with each other. The first tree said, “I might be a treasure chest one day. A treasure chest that is used to store gold and diamonds and precious stones.”

Now it was the second tree’s chance. It said, “I will be a big ship one day. A ship that kings and princes use to take them to different parts of the world. I will thus sail from port to port.”

Lastly the third tree spoke of its aspiration. “I want to be the tallest tree in the forest. People should treat me with respect and think about how near i am to God and heaven. I want to be the strongest tree of all time,” it said.

All the trees started praying day and night for the fulfillment of their respective wishes. At last, as if in answer to their prayers, a group of dealers in wood came to the forest.

They came to the first tree and said, “this tree is good to be sold to a craftsman. I shall sell it to a craftsman.” The first tree was very happy to hear this. At last its wish was going to be realised. When the craftsman sees how good the wood is he is surely going to turn me into a treasure chest, the first tree thought happily.

Another dealer approached the second tree and said, ” I shall cut this tree and sell it to a ship manufacturing unit.” The second tree was also very happy to hear these words.


The third dealer came to the third tree and the tree was frightened. Its dream of becoming the tallest tree was about to be destroyed. This thought made it cry out in pain.

The first tree, contrary to its expectations was crafted into a manger to feed cows. This was the last thing that the tree had wanted. The fate of the second tree was similar too. The workers in the manufacturing unit cut in into smaller pieces and made a fishing boat out of it. The second tree too was sad that its aspirations went down the drain. The third tree’s story was similar too. It was further cut into smaller pieces and the pieces were stored in a warehouse.

How to take good decisions

Years went by and the trees forget about their dreams. Then one day, a man and a woman came on a donkey’s back near the manger. The women gave birth to a baby boy and she wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid the baby in the manger. Only then did the tree know that it was carrying Infant Jesus, the greatest treasure in the world.

Years passed by after this incident. A few disciples and their master got into the boat that was made of the second tree. A great storm lashed at the boat while the disciples were fishing. Their master was sleeping when the storm came. The disciples were flustered. The master woke up to the commotion and ordered the sea to be calm. The storm died down at once and great calm descended upon the sea. It was the tree’s wish to be a ship which transports kings and princes on it and now it realised that it was carrying the king of kings in it.


In the end, people came for the third tree too. It was used to make a cross on which to hang someone. The people nailed his hands and legs onto ti. On the third day of the crucifixion came the Sunday when he rose from the dead. The unwanted tree which lay in the warehouse for years became the focus of attention of the whole world. The whole world looked at the cross made of the third tree with reverence just like it had wished for.

If you just compare this story with story of our lives, it will give us a lot of insights. Many a times, the life we are living today might not be the life that we had aspired for. Maybe the paths we traversed were different from what we had in our minds. Yet, we will rise to those heights we never dreamed of achieving. Success might not come to us in the exact same way we hoped it would. Once we realise this fact, it will be so much easier and happier to lead a life without discontentment and desolation.

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May 24, 2020

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